SWG Vibrodynamics Ltd. – Vibro Screens

SWG Vibrodynamicss range has gained a world-wide reputation for design, ingenuity, and technical ability making it one of the most versatile screens on the market. The Vibroscreens are available in a wide range of different sizes and capacity for screening particles or dewater slurry. SWG Vibrodynamics have formulated a number of options to enhance cleaning, portability and safety and can assist you in solving your filtration and separation problems with expert advice drawn from a large database of applications, covering the Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Fuel & Power, Oil, Petroleum, & Rubber Industries.

Fluiddrive – Hydraulic Couplings

The Fluiddrive hydraulic start-up couplings with constant or controlled filling have been adapted to numerous applications. The hydrodynamic operating principle facilitates low-wear power transmission. Thus the turbo coupling has proven as an economical and reliable drive component more than a million times.

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