Fadhili Gas Program

The Fadhili gas plant is under construction about 30 km west of Jubail in Saudi Arabia’s eastern province. The plant will be completed end of 2019 and will be processing gas from onshore and offshore facilities.

NOV Completion & Production Solutions awarded the contract for 6 off IHI type HS-256L-HV Decanter Centrifuges Skids in June 2016 and the equipment was delivered from IHI’s factory in Japan end of October 2017. The Decanter Centrifuges will be part of the MEG Regeneration Module with the purpose of separation of salts and solids from MEG. This contract is the last of 15 deliveries and the largest in terms of quantity of machines, representing 6 of total 32 MEG decanter units since our first delivery to the Åsgard B project for Statoil in 1997.

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