Information on the processing of personal data

We safeguard your rights under the rules of the Personal Data Act. This privacy statement describes how we collect and use your user information, as well as information about how we manage your personal information.

The Act on the Processing of Personal Data, which is the right source of law in the protection of privacy. For personal information use direct or indirect information that can be used by a natural person. The Data Inspectorate supervises the law.

The following points are used in the statement:

  • Related: This applies to persons to whom personal data applies, examples of which are users, customers, employees, etc.
  • Personal Information: This is information that can be associated with a specific person. Examples of this may be name, telephone number, address, etc.
  • Data processor: These are the persons who process the personal data in accordance with the agreement with the data controller.
  • Responsible for treatment: This is the person who decides the purpose of the treatment. The controller is also responsible for deciding which aids to use to process personal data. It is this person who is responsible for the processing of the information in accordance with the law.
  • Processes: This applies to actions that are performed based on personal information and the range of actions based on the information. Examples of this may be collection, dissemination or other forms of availability and assembly or interconnection.

How to get your information:

We have several ways to collect personal information from you. One of the ways is through sources that you have pointed out or directly from you. Another way is to go through someone who represents you or by obtaining information directly from other private or public institutions.

We only collect personal information when necessary in connection with your agreements with us. We do this in order to satisfy your wishes and needs as a customer or partner.

We can only use your personal information if we have obtained your consent, this you have given us with free will. You must be informed of the purpose of the use of the information before you approve.

Storing personal data

We only store information that is relevant to fulfill our obligations under agreements or to be able to make a delivery. Based on the services we provide, we limit the use of personal data to it as a necessity.

When we use personal information

We only use personal data for marketing, supplier administrative work, customer follow-up or for invoicing and delivery of services.

How long do we keep the information

The storage time for the information varies depending on the purposes for which it is used, but we only hold on to the information for as long as it is needed. If the information is no longer relevant, we will delete or anonymize it.

What is the information used for

We only use the information to fulfill our obligations in the customer relationship. The information allows us to manage your relationship with us.

How do we protect the information

In well-planned and systematic work, we safeguard information security by using technical organizational measures and protect the stored personal data from unauthorized access and use. If we share the information with a third party, we place similar requirements on information security.

Who do we share the information with

We will only disclose your personal information to a third party if the information is used for the same purposes as described in this privacy statement. If your personal information is further provided to a third party, we ensure that the information is protected. We only send personal information to trusted partners. All third parties who receive the personal information are responsible for the data being processed in accordance with the law.

Stored personal data

You can contact us if you have any questions about the information we store about you. If there is a mistake in the information or the information changes (address, name, email) we are grateful if you contact us so that we can correct this. We have a duty to inform you of registered information about you within 30 days.

You have the right to ask us to delete, modify or limit the processing of personal data and to oppose certain forms of processing. You can always consent to the processing of personal data (which is based on your prior consent).

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