Leaf Filters

The IHI Leaf Filter is a horizontal type pressure filter. Inside the pressure-resistant vessel, filter leaves are arranged horizontally on a vertical shaft. A motor drive rotates the shaft and cakes on the leaves are blown away by centrifugal force. The bottom of the vessel has an inverted cone shape for smooth cake discharging.

The IHI Leaf Filter combines excellent filtration performance and fully automatic operation. Residual liquid, the long-standing problem for a pressure filter, is also completely filtered by IHI’s original Rest Volume Filtration system.

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The IHI Leaf Filters comes in three different line-ups:

CFR Type

This is the IHI Leaf Filter standard type capable of drying filtrated cake by steam, air and N2 gas and discharging it automatically. The filter can deal with slurry under high pressure, high temperature and high viscosity and can be fitted with a mechanical seal for virulent or volatile slurry. When the filtering operation finishes, the CFR drains the slurry from the tank by removing or filtrating the residual liquid and then dries the cake. After the drying, a motor with V-belts will rotate the vertical shaft and filter leaves. Finally the cake is discharged from the bottom of the vessel.
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CFA Type

The fundamental structure of the CFA type is the same as that of the CFR type with the possibility to discharge the cake automatically as a slurry.
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LR Type

The performance of the LR type is the same as that of the CFR type. As well, this type is a filter for Dreg Removal and is easily capable of CIP Automatic Washing. It is suitable for Food, Chemicals, Medicines and Pharmaceuticals. It also optimizes its specifications for quality improvement, automating and streamlining in the beverage industry.
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