Guinard Centrifuges

The Guinard Centrifuge is a solid-liquid separator manufactured with IHI’s high speed rotation technology using the fully automatic and continuous centrifugal method. The basket type separator is suitable for dehydrating comparatively coarse solids and is capable of washing separated solids with our original washing system.

Slurry is fed from the top of the casing inside of the rotator and the liquid is spread out by centrifugal force. Particles are caught up by the screen inside the basket where a scraper is also installed. The screen and the scraper rotate at high speed in the same direction at a constant relative rate of speed. Separated solids are scraped away from the rotator and discharged from the outlet at the bottom of the machine.

The IHI Guindard centrifuges comes in six different line-ups:

  • N-Type (Short Basket type): Standard type, equipped with large slurry feed inlet and suitable for treating slurries containing coarse solids.
  • H-type: (Tall Basket type): Suitable for treating low concentration slurries or viscous liquids.
  • HL-type (Single-stage washing type): Capable of washing the separated solid by spraying a washing liquid.
  • HL2-type (Two-stage washing type): For more efficient performance of solid washing. You can also use two different types of washing liquid
  • HLS-type (Washing liquid separation type): Separated liquid and Washing Liquid are collected separately.
  • HLS2-type (Two-stage washing/liquid separation type): After the two-step washing, clarified liquid and washing liquid II/washing liquid I are collected separately.


For a more detailed presentation of the IHI Guinard Centrifuges, please visit IHI’s official website by pressing here

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