The CONTIBAC® Filters are designed for slurry discharge and is a slightly modified FUNDABAC® Filter. The CONTIBAC® Filters are often used as a continuous thickener, producing concentrated slurries. Contrary to traditional thickener equipment, a completely clear filtrate at a high flow-rate is obtained. A large range of suitable filter cloths guarantees the quality of the filtrate.

For products with difficult filtration characteristics, only thin cakes are built up in short filtration cycles in order to keep the filtration rate in the initial range of high through-put.

The unique filter elements are the heart of the FUNDABAC® and CONTIBAC® filter systems. The clover leaf cross-section of the element permits safe filtration while guaranteeing adherence of the filter cake to the cloth. That same characteristic is the basis for the effectiveness of the cake discharge.

The clover leaf cross-section of the filtration elements favors adherence of the cake during filtration: the concave parts of the filter element cause it to adhere during compression and guarantee that it remains in place throughout the entire cycle.

Once the filtrate has passed through the filter cloth, it flows into the peripheral tubes through the slots and then down to the bottom of the candle, before rising again in the central tube toward the registers.

The multi-channeled candles allow a downward flow of the filtrate by gravity; it rises in the central tube hydraulically and flows into the registers

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